My name is Jess, and I am the creator of Rocketgirlcrochet.  I first learned to crochet 5 years ago. I went to my local hobbycraft and picked up a beautiful ball of yarn and the hook size recommended on the back. I went home and spent a long time on pinterest and youtube learning to make something. Eventually, I managed to make a (not very circular) coaster. 

For my birthday later that year, I got gifted a ticket to one of my friends crochet classes at a small yarn shop. I learned to make a little toy, and from there it clicked. 

I started my Instagram page at the beginning of 2019, and it has lead me to here. The responses I have had to my work and my patterns has been incredible. I thoroughly enjoy creating things which I know will get cherished for so long, and making patterns so they can be customised and adapted to work for whoever wants it. I am passionate about reusing, recycling, fixing things and trying to be conscious of the world around us, so crocheting is a skill I love to be able to use to support that.