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3 Ways With Stashbusting Crochet Christmas Wrap

Here we are, this time of year again! I've been hit with the sudden realisation that Christmas is only a matter of days away! How did that even happen?!

In the spirit of reusing, recycling, and being eco conscious, I want to come up with some ways to make sure we're not throwing out those leftover balls of yarn that we don't know what to do with, and instead give them a reason to be put in the spotlight to shine. I've come up with a couple of ways to add a personal touch to gifts whilst also making sure no wool gets left behind! You can absolutely use any yarn you have too- from lace to extra chunky, cotton to pure wool. Whatever you have leftover can become something pretty..

Not to mention that seeing as Christmas is coming SO quickly, these are all made with minimal need to faff around trying to thread a needle. No sewing in multiple ends: bish bash bosh, beautiful gift wrap in a jiffy!

So here we have it: 3 ways with Fancy Festive Christmas Wrap to help you have the best looking gifts under the tree, and make something which can be reused next year too!

All of these designs use UK crochet terminology.

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Scallop Ribbon and Tassels

Twinke Twinkle Stashbusting Star

Perfect Bow


1. Scallop Ribbon and Tassels

Doesn't it look pretty? You can make your ribbon as long as you need it to be and the tassels as fluffy as you want, or use a pompom! The mustard shade and shininess of the yarn makes it look like its wrapped in gold and I love how it makes this gift look extra special. I've used Rico Creative Silky Touch DK in Mustard, which is an acrylic yarn. There is a bit of stretch to this design, and you can easily make the ends long enough to allow for a bigger bow.

If your gift is ready to be wrapped and you want to make sure this ribbon will fit, you'll want the foundation chain to fit around about 3/4 of your gift without stretching it. The ribbon will stretch a little once completed, and doing this will mean your bow should meet neatly in the centre. Don't forget to make sure your CH is a multiple of 6 +2!

You Will Need:

DK yarn,

4.5mm hook (or one which is suitable for the yarn you're using)

and thats it!

Leaving a long tail (30cm or so), CH92. You can +/- any multiple of 6 to this.

  1. Starting in 2nd CH from hook, DC to end. Turn

  2. CH1. SLST in first ST, *SK 2 STS, 7TR, SK 2 STS, SLST* Repeat to the end of the row.

  3. Once at the end, fasten off leaving a long tail.

  4. Make 2 tassels and fasten one to each tail of the ribbon. You can find my tassel tutorial here

Simple right? Whats not to like?!


2. Twinkle Twinkle Stashbusting Star

Want to know my favourite way to use up random odd bits? Using them all at once! I've got 3 different yarns with a large hook to make this easy peasy star, and even better- no sewing in any ends! I'm using a combination of Rico Creative Silky Touch DK in Mustard, a small amount of Scheepjes Chunky Monkey in shade Bumblebee, and King Cole Cosmos. These are all different weight yarns, which I love because it adds a really interesting texture.

You can use absolutely any weight yarns, but I particularly like the mix of Aran, DK and the super fine Cosmos. If you fancy it you can work with more than three though! I've chosen to use a 9mm hook with these 3, but if you opt for thicker/finer yarns, you'll need to adjust the hook size accordingly.

You will need:

3 scrap yarns (or more!) of various weights

9mm hook, or one suitable for the yarn you've chosen.

This pattern is worked in the round, do not turn at the end of the round.

  1. Holding all of your yarn together, in a MR, 5 DC, SLST to 1st DC, pull ring shut.

  2. CH4. Starting in 2nd CH from hook, SLST, DC, HTR. SLST into 2nd DC in MR. This makes the first point of your star.

  3. Repeat instructions above another 4 times to create 5 points around your star.

  4. SLST to 1st DC in the MR to close the round. Cut yarn leaving a long tail, and while fastening off, also pull through the yarn from the MR to save you sewing in any ends.

  5. Take another length of all of your yarns, approx 20cm long (you may use longer of shorter depending on how long you'd like the tail to be) and fold in half to create a loop

  6. Using your hook, pull the loop through a stitch where you fastened off, and pull all of your tails through the loop. Trim tails if needed

  7. Optional: add a little loop at the top point of your star so it may be attached to your gift.. or maybe it would look good as a tree decoration?!


3. Perfect Bow

Want something understated and classic? This is your ticket. Here I am using Drops Muskat which is 100& mercerised cotton. I have this left over from making a couple of poppies at the beginning of November ready for Remembrance Day, and the bright festive red is a great colour for the holiday season. You can thread this bow onto a ribbon, or fasten it in place with a little bit of paper tape on the back. My daughter loved these bows because she can slip them onto a bobby pin and use them in her hair too. The gift that keeps on giving!

You'll need: Some leftover yarn, a suitable hook for the yarn you're using and a needle to sew in the tails.

I am using a 4mm hook and this bow required approx 7g of yarn

CH17- You can use any number of CH, plus 2 turning CH.

  1. Beginning in the 3rd CH from hook, HTR in each ST to end, Turn

  2. HTR in BLO of each ST until one ST remains. HTR through both loops of last ST. Turn

  3. Repeat row above for 6 rows in total, making sure to crochet through both loops of the last ST on each row. If you're using a heavier yarn/larger hook, and began with a longer CH, you will need more than 6 rows. Continue repeating until the length is approx 2/3rds of the width. You need to make a rectangle.

  4. Fasten off, and weave in ends

  5. Using an extra piece on yarn approx 30cm long, pinch the middle of the rectangle to make the bow shape, and wrap around the yarn around knot it into place when you're happy with it.

To attach the bow, I made a CH long enough to wrap around the gift, and used my hook under the centre of the bow to thread it onto my CH. The bow is able to slide off again easily so it can be reused next year.


And there you go! I hope you like these quick and easy patterns and are able to use up some spare wool to make your presents look extra special this Christmas! If you try any of these designs, please do tag me on Instagram or share your work using #rocketgirlcrochet

And incase you're wondering, all of the wrapping paper used in my photos is from Paperchase, and is 100& recyclable and FSC approved, as is the paper cellotape. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean we can't be eco conscious!

Thanks for checking out this post out!

J x

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