Posey Purse Stashbusting Free Crochet Pattern

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I posted a picture on Instagram of the little purses I made. They got so much love, and people asking for a pattern, I thought it would be a great place to start as an introduction to my new website! I hope you enjoy this FREE pattern, please do tag me and share what you make!

You Will Need:

- A couple of different colours of aran weight yarn

- 4mm crochet hook

- Needle and scissors

- A button

Tips and tricks:

For these pictures and this little purse, I have used a 4mm crochet hook. Previously I have used a 3.5mm, which gives a more sturdy, less open finish. It may be worth experimenting to see how you prefer it.

When changing colour, you have two options. You can tie off the last colour, and rejoin the next with a slipknot between any two clusters from the previous row, or (my preferred method) you can join the next colour onto the existing, turn your work and slipstitch between the clusters. Either way ends up being secure, but I find it easier to sew in ends when I don't have extra knots each time I change colours.

After each row, you turn your work. This makes it reversible and I find it generally gives it a nicer finish.

Chain 2 at the beginning of each round counts as 1 TR.

To Begin:

In a Magic Ring, CH2 2TR, *CH2 3TR* x3 CH2 and Slst into the beginning CH2. Join your second colour and turn.

Round 2: CH2 2TR, CH2 3TR into chain space from previous row. 3TR, CH2, 3TR into each corner around. Slst to join. Join third colour and turn.

Round 3: CH2 2TR into same space. 3TR, CH2, 3TR into corner. 3TR in next space. Continue around with 3TR, CH2, 3TR into each corner, and 3TR in each space. Join with a slipstitch, change colour and turn.

Continue working each round the same way as Round 3 until round 7.

Round 7: You will work this round the same as the others EXCEPT for the first corner. In the first corner space, 3TR, 2CH, 3TR, 2CH, 3TR. Continue around to the end, Slipstitch, change colour and turn.

Round 8: Continue like the previous rounds until you come to the corner with your 3 clusters. 3TR between the first and second clusters. 1TR in the top of the first stitch of the second cluster, 1TR CH2 1TR in second stitch of cluster, 1TR in third stitch of the cluster, 3TR in space between second cluster and third. Continue to the end of round.

Fasten off, and sew in ends.

To shape the granny square, join your yarn between the 4th and 5th clusters on one of the opposite sides to the button hole. CH1. DC each stitch together up to the corners. 1DC in the corner space, Slipstitch the other corner in and begin working the other two sides together, starting with 1DC in the corner space. Once you've reached the end, fasten off, sew in your ends and attach your button just below your DC joins.

And there you have it! One complete little Posey Purse!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, please do tag me in your pictures, or share them on instagram with #rocketgirlcrochet

The yarn I have used for this pattern is Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran, available from Lovecrafts *

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