Tassel Tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you might have noticed that I have a bit of a thing for tassels and fringes. I don't know what it is about them, but I think they really finish off a project beautifully. That, and I am absolutely rubbish at making pompoms!

I have put together some pictures of my tassel making in progress so you can see how I make them and attach them to my projects securely and seamlessly.  

You will need:

-Your yarn of choice

-A darning needle 

- Scissors

- A piece of card: The size you need will depend on how large you need your tassel to be. For this blanket, I am using a 15 x 15cm piece of card. Fold this in half and make a small ½ inch cut on each end of the fold

  • Cut a length of yarn to approx 20cm. Hold this piece across the fold in your card, tucking it into the cuts so it will hold in place while you wrap your yarn around.

  • Wrap your yarn around 20-30 times depending how thick you want them to be. Tie them together with the piece at the top, tightly fastening with a double knot.

  • Cut through the layers of yarn.

  • Hold your tassel firmly, and using another piece of yarn, wrap it around to create the band. Fasten tightly with a double knot.

  • Use your darning needle to thread the tail of the band underneath the band to blend it with the rest of the tassel. This is now a good stage to steam your tassels. You can do this by carefully holding them above some steam from a kettle or iron so that the yarn relaxes. Please take care!

  • Trim your tassel evenly, it should be easy to spot any longer bits when it's steamed and its all straight.

  • To attach your tassel, pull one string of the fastening yarn through a stitch and tightly double knot.

  •  Again using your darning needle, pull the loose ends down through the top of the tassel and out the bottom.

  • Trim off any extra ends, and you're done!

 I hope this tutorial is helpful to you, and I'd love to see your tassels in use. Feel free to tag me on Instagram and show me what you're working on! Thanks!

Blanket: Fiesta Blanket, you can find the pattern in my Etsy store here, or on lovecrochet.* Yarn is Paintbox Simply Chunky and Chunky Pot

*Affiliate link


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You may make items using the patterns to sell (eg: on Etsy or at craft fairs) but may not bulk produce without permissions. If selling a product created from one of my patterns, please credit and link back to my website or my handle: Rocketgirl Crochet.

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